Online trading risk statement

On June 11, 2010, HSC received certificate 459/QD-UBCK from the State Securities Commission of Vietnam approving of HSC providing online trading services to HSC’s clients.

HSC has been pioneering in providing new products and services and making endless efforts in enhancing our online trading session to meet our clients’ increasing demand on service quality and to minimize risks for our clients.  

The advantages of our services: Offering our clients convenience and flexibility during their trading activities, shortening order processing time and helping our clients save time and costs.

Nevertheless, online trading faces relevant risks such as those that are associated with facilities, software, internet line, or quality of services provided by third parties, which are out of our control.  

Below are the risks that investors might face when execute online trading: 

  • Technical failure of hardware and software of the system;
  • The system is halted due to transmission problems, power cut and programming errors;
  • Client account information may be stolen;
  • Computer is affected by virus and information exchange of the computer-network is halted.
  • Client’s order may be suspended, delayed, cancelled or inaccurate;
  • The verification of clients’s information may not be inaccurate or faulty;
  • Securities price board and other information may get failure or be incorrect;
  • Telecommunication network, which is critical to process order via telephone, to look up transaction information and to receive announcement may face technical problem, overload, or congestion;
  • In addition, connection speed may be negatively impacted by market fluctuation, high internet access flow, system efficiency or other factors occurring beyond our control.

We are not responsible for any risks, loss or damage arising due to:

  • Clients’ faults in providing information untimely, mistakenly or inaccurately, causing discruptions of E-Trading services and/or E-Trading transactions;
  • Failure of any third party including but not limited to the Company’s services providers in providing E-Trading services;
  • Error of the system or of any related technical means results in the system revoking the client's electronic transactions;
  • Failure of machinery, data processing, telecommunications information, natural disaster or any event occurring beyond the Company’s control or as a result of fraud, falsification created by any third party;
  • Using E-Trading services, E-Trading transactions or E-Trading services’ information of Client’s authorized people;
  • Client’s loss of token or leak of username, logging password, trading password, electronic signature and/or other Client’s identified factors provided by the Company, giving unauthorized people opportunities to use the information for unwanted transactions, information approaching.

When clients detect unauthorized people using their password and conducting transactions illegally, please call our hotline No: 1900 633 996 immediately so that we take necessary measures.

We undertake to apply the optimal measures to bring clients quality service and minimize technical risks.

Thank you for using our online trading service.