Derivatives market

A. Transaction fee of Index Futures Contract 

Types of transactions Fee
Position opening and closing  VND 4,000/ contract
Contract expiring VND 4,000/ contract

B. Trading fee of Government Bond Futures Contract

Types of transactions Fee
Position opening and closing  VND 20,000/ contract

C. Submit/ withdraw/ transfer deposits

Types of transactions Fee
1. Submit/ withdraw deposits Free
2. Transfer deposits to bank accounts In accordance with banks’ fee schedules

Note: The above-stated fee is exclusive of tax and fee payable to Stock Exchanges and Vietnam Securities Depository Center .

D. Fees payable to Vietnam Securities Depository  (VSD) 

Types of fees Fee
Trading fee for Index Futures Contract VND 2,700/ contract
Trading fee for Bond Futures Contract VND 4,500/ contract

E. Fees payable to Securities Depository Centre

Type of fees Fee
1. Overnight position management fee VND 2,550 / contract / day
2. Collateral management fee

0.0024% x Accumulated Equity Balance / month

Maximum VND 1,600,000 / month

Minimum  VND 100,000 / month

Deposit balance is used for calculation is end-of-day deposit balance.

Deposited asset management fee is collectible at the last working day of each month.