Right Subscription

Instructions to register for the right to buy.

The right to buy shares occurs when the issuer issues additional shares to existing shareholders at the ratio announced by the issuer. You can buy additional issued shares within the time specified by the issuer, please following the instructions below:

1. How to register for the right to buy:

1.1    Registration via your assigned broker

You can use the registered email with HSC to send request directly to the email of your broker.

1.2    Registration via Customer Service channel

You can use the registered email with HSC to email your request to provide below information:

  • Your Account Number at HSC :
  • Stock Code: 
  • Quantity to buy:

We will confirm by email once your registration is completed.

2. Information on additional shares to be eligible to trade:

The corresponding number of shares purchased will be credited to your account on the effective trading date which announced by the Viet Nam Securities Depository And Clearing Corporation (VSDC).

You can check your stock balance through your online trading account.