HSC At A Glance

HSC At A Glance

HSC At A Glance
Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC) is a leading and award-winning professional securities brokerage firm in Vietnam. HSC provides a comprehensive suite of financial services to institutional & private clients. We focus on professional investment advisory services backed by a highly recognized research team.

With a strong track record in connecting corporate clients with global and local investors, we serve the needs of individuals, institutions and corporates through our four business divisions: Brokerage, Research, Investment Banking and Principal Investment.


Brokerage and Sales

With our solid, trusted, award-winning research expertise, we provide a diverse range of products and consulting services that are catered to private and institutional clients. Our high-quality advisory services offer tailored solutions and advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals.



Investment Banking

HSC has become the execution partner of choice for global investment banks in Vietnam. In addition, we seek to leverage our relationships with these firms to further enhance our already strong distribution and origination capabilities.



Principal Investment

Primary objective is to facilitate client’s trading, developing new products to the market via market making, risk hedging and client supporting.




Our Research Division provides original fundamental insights and analysis for client in the equity, fixed income, macro and derivatives markets.