Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC, HOSE: HCM) would like to announce the financial performance in Q4.2022 and accumulative FY2022. 

Q4. 2022, HSC achieved VND 584 billion in revenue, more than VND 159 billion in before-tax profit. Decreased 39% and 43% respectively compared to the same quarter in 2021.

Accumulative FY2022, HSC achieved total revenue of VND 2,854 billion, a decreased of 15% compared to the same period last year. HSC’s cumulative profit before tax for FY2022 reached VND 1,068 billion, completed 71% yearly plan. 

In 2022, HSC achieved earning per share (EPS) of VND 1,865. The return on equity (ROAE) ratios was 11.2%.

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(*) Revenue and expenses of the 2 periods are recorded to reduce the losses of proprietary investment activities for comparison purposes.
Accordingly, three key businesses: brokerage, margin lending and proprietary investment contributed 97% of total net revenue in 2022.

  • Brokerage services accounted for 31% of HSC's total revenue, reaching VND 882 billion, decreased 37% comparing to the same period of 2021.  
  • Revenue from margin lending activities reached VND 1,273 billion, an increase of 8% over the same period last year and accounting for 44% of total revenue. 
  • Proprietary investment achieved VND 623 billion in revenue, decreased 14% y-o-y and contributed 22% to HSC's 2022 revenue. 
  • Revenue from corporate financial advisory recorded VND 54 billion, increased 16% over the same period last year. 

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Please access here for Q4.2022 Financial Statement