In June 2022, Forbes has officially announced the list of "50 best listed companies in Vietnam 2022". In which, HSC continued to be honored in the financial sector. This is the 9th time HSC has been awarded in this prestigious award.

Forbes Vietnam ranked this top 50 from listed companies on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX) and the Hanoi Exchange (HNX) that have the best business performances in 2022. Forbes Vietnam uses Forbes (US) company ranking method, taking into account the characteristics of listed companies in Vietnam. The data used for evaluation is based on audited financial statements of five consecutive years for the period 2016 - 2021. According to Forbes Vietnam statistics, the total profit after tax of the companies on the list reached 193,183 billion VND, increased 10.7% compared to last year's list.

50 companies named in the list all meet the following criteria: growth ratio of revenue, profit, ROE, and EPS in the period 2016 - 2021. At the same time, ensuring the sustainable development of the business: brand, corporate governance quality, prospects for sustainable development. . HSC’s 9th consecutive times achievement stands testament to the way the firms has built up its business direction grow HSC sustainably and to create substantial values to clients and shareholders and to make impactful contributions to communities over the years. 

2021 marks HSC’s most successful year in history with record business results. Both revenue and net profit reached all-time high levels of VND3,368 billion and VND1,1147 billion, which translate to 112% and 116% yoy growths, respectively. This performance is especially meaningful given that the Covid-19 pandemic posed significant challenges to our operations and required us to make tremendous efforts to keep our employees safe and to maintain exceptional client service quality.
In 2022, despite unfavorable market conditions, HSC still maintained good business performance, end of 1Q2022, HSC achieved VND 854 billion in revenue, increased 16% y-o-y. As we reiterated, our operational success was built upon three pillars: restructuring our operation model, digitalizing our processes and services and diversifying our services. HSC believes that the company will continue to achieve good business results in 2022.